Why do we need self-care and what does that actually mean?

Woman Practicing Self Care

When I talk about self-care, I mean purposely and actively taking time for yourself to do something that makes you feel rejuvenated and re-energised. Self-care is for everyone, everyone should feel loved, it is not an indulgence, it truly is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Your well-being is dependent on it. I would like to encourage you to think about self-care differently and make it really matter in your life. We all have full lives with varying demands and it’s so important to have a self-care plan. There are always demands on our time, energy, and emotions. This is exactly why self-care is so important, it means you can meet these demands and not become overwhelmed, resentful or burnt out. It is the routine maintenance you need to function at your best not only for others, but also for yourself. The most basic definition of self-care is any intentional action taken to meet an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs. In short, it’s all the little ways we take care of ourselves to avoid a breakdown in those respective areas of health. The health of your body, mind, and spirit are essential to protecting your wellbeing, and can ensure your long-term health. Self-Care has many wonderful benefits such as

  • Feeling happy, calm and peaceful

  • High self-esteem and confidence

  • Feeling enthusiastic about life

  • Feeling energised

  • Positive outlook on life

Whereas when you are lacking in self-care your body will tell you, it’s a wonderful compass to guide you in life. Here’s some signs that you might be needing some self-care

  • Feeling low in energy

  • Emotional (e.g. short tempered, crying easily).

  • Procrastinating

  • Scattered thinking

  • Lack of motivation

  • No passion for life

Developing Your Self-Care Plan

Self-care plans are tailor made, there is no one size fits all, but there are guidelines and common threads to all self-care plans. It means making a commitment to attend to all the domains of your life, your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.To develop your self-care plan, you will identify your needs as part of your day-to-day life and then create strategies and activities that you will use to help you meet these needs every day. Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated or cost a lot of money… or even any money. For example one simple thing I do every day and find highly nourishing is a little bit of pamper time. Just a short while to pamper myself at home and do a facial does wonders for me. Developing self care habits offers you the capability to not only be strong and effective, but true to the softer aspects of your nature as a woman. This is what we mean by being in your Feminine Power. And the key to really consistently being in your Feminine Power is to make sure your needs are met. This is why self-care truly is the most important thing you can do. It’s essential to put yourself first. A bit like the oxygen analogy on a plane, if you are depleted you cannot really help anyone else.

What are needs?

Needs are those things without which you feel a bit off, grumpy or actually unhealthy or poorly. These are needs, as opposed to “wants” wants are those things which make us happy but without which we’re still just fine (provided our basic needs are met). Chocolate could well be a “want” but is very unlikely to be a “need”. For some people massage is a need. For some it is a want. Only you know the truth for you. Where your needs are not met, you’re not OK. When they are met you’re just OK. All of us share basic human needs e.g.

  • Sleep

  • Food

  • Exercise

However we all have much different individual needs and these are completely unique to you.

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