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You Matter

The Evening Miracle is something I have personally been following and teaching my clients for years, the clients who have adopted this routine and who value it's benefits have told me many times it has changed their lives. Some of the many changes reported to me have included, feeling happier within themselves, more restful sleep, more energy, sense of well being, less stressed, more positive, more confidence, improvements in their appearance, an improvement in self worth and self esteem, feeling more important to themselves, feelings of self love and nurture, improvements in their relationships and their sex life's.


These are just some of the more common results I get reported to me, some say it has given them a whole new outlook on their well being, how they take care of themselves and how they feel about themselves and their life entirely. Why don't you find out what results you can achieve by changing to this simple Evening Miracle.  

The end of the day has come, ahh yes, you've taken care of your work, your boss, your company, your family, your children, and your husband. Now it's time for You, you matter just as much if not more than everyone else and it's time for your evening miracle. 

Just imagine some time just for you, time to let your mind wander freely, breathe deep, be still, be silent, love your body like it belongs to someone you love. Now it's time for you to matter most. 

This is the time of the day where it is most definitely all about you and you can create your own evening miracle that serves your needs best.


I'll just give you an idea of where you could start. Here are the steps I use in my evening miracle. 

* I begin by switching of the TV and most of the lights. I prefer to be in silence, it's so nice just to let the mind unwind from the long busy day and it helps me get a better night's rest.

* I then light a candle, I love our rose scent, takes me to a place of peace. Such a loving and relaxed place to be before sleep. 

* Of course I then cleanse and tone my face, it's important to take away the dirt and pollution from the day. 

* Now my one of my most favourite acts of kindness for myself, I close my eyes, take in a few deep breathes, letting go of my day and remembering what was beautiful and positive about it and feeling grateful. Gratitude plays a big part in my evening miracle. 


* I then take time to massage my face, soft slow sweeping movements in an upward motion. Starting with my neck, sweeping up to the jawline, one hand after the other and pushing up under the chin, lifting and sweeping the skin from jawbone up through the cheeks. Gently lifting the skin just under the cheek bones, towards the ears.

* Rubbing my forehead up towards the hairline, oh feels so nice letting go of all the tension from the day. This is so relaxing, it actually slows down brain activity and begins to put your mind in a relaxed state ready for real rest. 

* Using my ring fingers I sweep gently around my eyes for a minute, soothing the eyes and pushing out toxins and excess fluid. Mmm and breathe deep, feels absolutely divine. 

* I finish off by applying serum, night cream and eye cream.

* I'm now ready for the finale, using warm oil from my massage candle, I massage my feet, oh yes, up my legs, thighs and bum, making sure I give some real relief to my calves, oh gosh how amazing does that feel after a long busy day? Then across my tummy and the base of my spine, if you suffer from any kind of back pain like I do, you will know just how amazing that feels with the warm oil. oh my my my and smile, wow.


* I rub and massage my full arms, across my shoulders and my neck, paying particular attention to my shoulders, as I love the smell of the scent when I'm dropping off to sleep, makes me feel so calm and loved, makes me feel like I matter. It is so important that we love ourselves and treat our bodies just as we would if it were someone we love, think of your child, you would lovingly massage them without question, do it for yourself too.

" I truly hope you begin an evening miracle routine and make yourself matter, please share with us the changes in well-being you experience, some friends and clients have told me it has changed their life's and one woman even told me it makes her want to love herself more. We should all love ourselves more and I hope you feel that too."

Changing life's across the planet one evening at a time.

Michelle Margaret Marques

You Matter