Elise Marques London




Michelle Margaret Marques the founder and creator of Elise Marques London


" You Matter, isn't a great sounding strap line, it really means something to me!

How we look after ourselves truly matters to me, you matter to me. I believe if you take care of your body as if it belongs to someone you love, you can change how you look, how you feel and how you relate to the world around you. You deserve to feel good inside, look good on the outside, feel loved, feel important, take care of your well-being and live in a less stressed more positive and enjoyable way. I want to share my knowledge, passion and expertise with you to ensure you receive the very best for your needs" 

What drives us:


​My personal journey has brought me here, it's my purpose I have to do it, I believe everyone matters, everyone should have self care, everyone should feel loved and I believe we can make a difference. This has, inspired me to take responsibility and actually do something. I founded Elise Marques London, a premium natural British product brand that provides much much more than skincare and lifestyle products. I knew it was time for something different, something more than a product brand. I decided it was time to combine my knowledge of products and treatments, my crazy passion and experience pour it into my own brand and bring you something inspiring. I decided to develop a brand that not only concentrates on the finest ingredients that the world has to offer and putting them together in unrivalled combinations with beautifully natural scents, of course it is paramount to me that our products give you outstanding results. However, it is time for a brand who's focus is to bring you knowledge and help you discover new ways to bring You back to You. It's so important to me to give you the right knowledge and information, not just sell you a product. I want to bring a personal touch to your buying experience.

Why the name Elise Marques London? Well, as cliché as it might sound, it just felt right, but of course there's more to it than that. Elise is my daughters middle name, after my Grandmother Elizabeth and Marques is part of my surname and London was our first home. I want the brand to feel personal to you and I believe that begins with it being personal to me, a part of me if you like. I can tell you the brand and everything we stand for is very personal to me, beginning with the name and I don't think it could get more personal. I've developed our core values, our brand style, our beliefs are my beliefs and anyone we work with has to have aligned beliefs and believe in what we do. It's a brand I've put myself into entirely and I've developed it from scratch. I believe we are an inspirational brand and we will inspire you to look at your self care and your environment very differently.

At our core: 

YOU,  you have a staring role in our business. We will always put you first, we will always care what your needs are and we will always strive to exceed your expectations. Our mission is to bring you all the information on health and well-being you can handle, industry tips and hacks, personal tips, You Matter Events, Intimate V.I.P Dinners and personalised consultations with the Founder and much more. We are more than a product brand; we are your beauty consultant.


TRANSPARENCY,  by ensuring every product has a detailed explanation of the contents in plain English, avoid as many nasties as humanly possible, clear details of how to use them to get the best results for your skin, why different ingredients work and what the optimum combinations are. We will bring you news, tips, and knowledge to help give you a clear understanding of what will work best for your needs.


What shapes us:


Creating iconic natural products with an emphasis on Britishness, combining this with our You Matter events, Self Love workshops, Specialist Retreats, and a rich Entrepreneurial spirit will stake our place in the worldwide market.


We are a small business within an existing market - this makes differentiating ourselves a pretty arduous task. We want to reassure you, however, that we understand the benefits of starting small. We work at the grassroots level with the goal of growing sustainably. I believe that by sticking true to our values and principles, our uniqueness will seamlessly shine through our brand and our products.

Our Future: 

I've already invested heavily, it took almost 18 months for the initial development phase of the brand, and we will continue to invest substantially as the brand grows from 14 core products to a range of 60+. Continuing to bring you the best information and advice, developing our you matter events, and growing globally.


Still to come Elise Marques Kids, Elise Marques Men, Elise Marques Lifestyle, Elise Marques Self Love Retreats and much more.


Developments and launches we are incredibly excited to announce.


Our new hand crafted, hand batched, healthy ageing range. A range that consists of five, skin loving multi performing high end futuristic cosmosuticals. 


Puressence, Cleanse and Hydrate: 90.35% organic

Luminescence, Radiance Serum: 74% organic

Enrich, Timeless Hydration: 81.45% organic

Kollagene, Healthy Aging Complex: 74.1% organic

Viita Elixir, Vitamin C Boost: 92.2% organic

2019 will also see the launch of Elise Marques Men, our unique futuristic range, developed with quality raw ingredients, naturally packed with high levels of native Bio actives and botanical's. 

​At Elise Marques London, we believe you should love yourself more, self-care is for everyone. Feeling well, sleeping better, looking better, being more optimistic and stress free should be for everyone...meaning your mother, your father, your children, your friends, your siblings, your cousins, your aunties and uncles, and of course, you! 



That's why at Elise Marques, we do things a little differently!