Michelle Margaret Marques




You Matter

I am Michelle Margaret Marques, Founder and Creator, and Author of This Woman. I want to share my story with you. 


I am a single mum of four, three beautiful grown-up sons, my stunning daughter who is eight and I also have a gorgeous granddaughter. I've been a mum for 29 years now and it's been the most rewarding yet challenging journey of my life. I lost my mum to heart failure just before my 19th birthday she was just 37, I was devastated. My family pretty much fell apart from that moment on and I had to rely on myself. I was taking care of everyone, I already had a son who was two by that time, my sister was 14, my brother 18, and my father became an alcoholic. I guess that's part of the reason I care so much about people, but really I learned it from my mum, she cared deeply about people. 


As life developed I became a single mum with three very energetic and boisterous boys, it was challenging at times and the stress I felt was immense. I knew I had to do something to not only combat stress but look after myself. The threat of dying from a heart attack young and leaving my boys behind was a very real fear for me, I'd seen it happen to my mum and I believed if I didn't do something to look after myself in some way it was a real possibility it would happen to me. 


I began to develop a bedtime routine, after the long day and the stresses and strains had subsided and the boys were finally in bed I would sit in the quiet, switch off the TV, switch most of the lights off, light a candle and begin a skincare routine. I would really take time to massage my face, breathing deeply taking in the smells. Relax my mind, massage my arms and across my shoulders, I love to smell the scent as I fall asleep. Ahh, the smell of Rose takes me to a place of peace. I would then massage my legs a little, we all know how good that feels after a long busy day, oh gosh just heaven. I didn't know it then, but what I was doing was more than dealing with stress levels, I was taking care of my well-being, taking care of myself, loving myself, making my self matter.


I didn't know then that routine was going to change my life. Every single moment of that routine was going to matter deeply to me as I developed and my life went through different stages. I didn't realise how important the silence was going to become I just had the need for a little quiet after dealing with three noisy boys, little did I know that it was what would keep me sane. I couldn't know back then how important those scents would become, oh boy I love amazing scents, I came to learn what effect different scents have on us and how they help our well-being. I couldn't even begin to imagine just how significant taking 10 to 20 minutes to yourself at the end of a long day, to pamper and take care of yourself would be. This made me feel loved, important, I mattered to me. I slept better, I felt better, I was able to cope with stress better, heck I even felt happier and more positive. I developed a love of skincare and lifestyle products and began to notice a huge difference in not just the look and feel of my skin, also how I felt inside. 


This is why I developed Elise Marques, I learned I matter and I want you to remember that You Matter.