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Elise Marques London the premium British natural skincare and lifestyle brand that puts you first and makes You Matter.

Our products are botanical, free from chemicals, Parabens, SLS, MI, MCI, Mineral Oils, Microbeads, ethically sourced and of course Never tested on animals. We blend efficacy, desirability, transparency and social conscience, which resonate highly with today's ethically minded consumer.

We use botanically sourced ingredients derived from nature mainly plants, flowers and herbs and avoid as many nasties as possible. We sometimes use fragrances/perfumes which are often actually safer than essential oils especially for some very sensitive skins. This also makes it more accessible for consumers from a commercial point of view. Our primary concern is the safety of customers as we know nature in its purist form isn’t always ideal, however, having a sensible approach, for example some of the alcohols are naturally derived such as Benzyl Alcohol. This makes the products more accessible for different skin types and holds the aroma and colour of the product. It is about getting the balance right in between safety and efficacy. In general we have less than 2% alcohol, perfume and preservatives in our range of products and our packaging is recyclable.

In 2017 we decided to take our environmental responsibilities a step further and began working with a company in New Zealand to help source raw natural ethically sourced ingredients and develop our new healthy ageing range due to launch 2018.


Manufactured with botanical ingredients that have been wild harvested under ‘Tikanga Maori‘ (Maori customs), observing the strict Maori tradition of harvesting at specific times, in accordance to the wisdom of a long-line of ancestors.

The harvest traditions are to be ‘mindful’ of the plant, pick respectfully and protect what you reap. The time of gathering is strictly aligned with the reason for harvesting, with special care given to the part of the plant picked, maximising the plant's beneficial properties. The key time for harvesting is usually at dawn and dusk, when it is believed that the Mauri (vital force) of nature is at it’s strongest.

Maori harvesting traditions incorporate a special Karakia (a unique prayer) and a Waiata (a song) and whatever is gathered from the earth during this process should be treated with the same respect as when entering another persons home – mindfully, respectfully and with gratitude.

Above all else, the Maori respect for our natural living environment acknowledges the dependence we have as humans on the earth, or in Maori terms ‘Papatuanuku’ – Our Earth Mother.

Our new product formulations contain a high level of organic ingredients:

Enrich, Timeless Hydration: 81.45% organic

A hand crafted multi performing cosmosutical treatment for immediate and time-released hydration. Packed with high levels of natural Bio actives, combining time-proven New Zealand marine and land botanicals including multi performing native seaweeds, Mamaku gel and native plant oils. Rich in essential sugars, lipids, and polyphenols that work hard to prevent and target multiple consequences of water loss to effectively fight the visible signs of ageing.

Kollagene, Healthy Ageing Complex: 74.1% organic


An exquisite yet futuristic biomimetic Pro-Collagen Bioactive day cream driven by hand harvested skin-loving wool proteins and active Manuka Honey, and formulated with BioRestore 4 Plus to simultaneously fight skin aggressors such as elastase and helps stimulate an intense firming action. Reducing imperfections day after day leaving the skin richly nourished and fighting all aspects of aging.


Puressence, Cleanse and Hydrate: 90.35% organic


High performance Ultra-nourishing, skin-loving multi performing cleansing complex that protects the dermal barrier while effectively delivering a powerful detox formula removing makeup, environmental pollution and free radicals in a single step. Combining Enzogenol® a potent antioxidant derived from New Zealand Pine Bark, native plant oils and plant-derived cleansers, leaving the skin comfortably hydrated and balanced after each use.

Luminescence, Radiance Serum: 74% organic

Age defying multi performing cosmosutical serum designed for intense epidermal resurfacing and reduces multiple signs of ageing. Results driven and powered by our BioRestore 4 Plus proprietary complex, which prevents damage by free radicals, targets lack of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin smooth and plumped.

Viita Elixir, Vitamin C Boost: 92.2% organic


Highly-concentrated elixir, abundant with naturally occurring Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. A powerful blend of raw bio active ingredients from New Zealand Kiwi seed oil, Kawakawa oil and organic Rose hip oil, with the addition of stable Vitamin C reinforce its natural ability to brighten and repair the skin at a regenerative level. This unique blend acts synergistically with other Elise Marques products to help protect the skin and effectively fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some of our products are produced right here in the UK and although we make every effort possible to support our local economy, some products are produced in France and New Zealand; this simply ensures the highest quality is achieved. Exceptional quality is paramount to what we do.